Common Mistakes to Avoid During Rental Property Inspections

Common Mistakes to Avoid During Rental Property Inspections

When you become a real estate investor, learning how to efficiently navigate rental property inspections is crucial for success.

A property inspection allows a landlord or investor to evaluate the condition of a property and determine whether its tenants are complying with the lease agreement. However, without knowing about the most common mistakes to avoid, your inspections may not be effective.

To ensure you get the most out of investing in real estate, PMI Coeur d'Alene will help you understand how you can improve the inspection process.

Here are the most common mistakes to avoid during rental property inspections:

Not Informing Tenants

One of the most common mistakes that landlords make is not informing tenants of upcoming inspections. This can not only make an inspection harder to conduct, but it may also make a tenant feel uncomfortable.

Because of this, you should let tenants know when they can expect inspections before they sign the lease. You should also remind them at least a couple of weeks before the planned date.

If you have not already provided your tenants with various ways to contact you, it is best to do so as soon as possible. Should an issue arise, you can quickly resolve it if you can contact them without delay, and vice versa.

Using a few of the best communication practices is necessary for building a good relationship with tenants.

Not Preparing a Checklist

Another common mistake to avoid when inspecting your properties is not preparing a checklist.

Any time you want to inspect a property, you should know what you are looking for. Some owners prioritize seeking property damage, whereas others focus on determining whether a tenant is following the lease's rules.

Set an objective and make a list of things to check when you visit the property. This will make the process quicker and ensure you gather all of the information you need to handle an eviction if necessary.

Keep in mind that the type of inspections you conduct should vary depending on when you do them. For example, a lengthy, in-depth inspection should only be conducted when a property is vacant.

Inspecting without a Professional

When investing in real estate, it is best to work with professionals to get the most out of your properties.

While a rental property owner can conduct inspections themselves, they may not get the best results. However, by hiring a professional property inspector, they can outsource the entire process.

If you hire a property management company, they can conduct inspections for you while providing a plethora of other services.

Conduct Better Rental Property Inspections with PMI

Being a successful rental property owner can be stressful because of the many things you need to manage. Fortunately, PMI Coeur d'Alene can assist you with all of your property management needs, including rental property inspections.

When you are ready to begin inspecting your properties, we can send experts who know exactly what to look for. This will make investing in rental property maintenance and other improvements much easier for you.

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