A Coeur d'Alene Landlord's Guide to Handling Evictions

A Coeur d'Alene Landlord's Guide to Handling Evictions

Your investment property is the most expensive asset you own. But what happens when you hand the keys to someone who doesn't look after it, doesn't pay the rent, and avoids your phone calls?

Bad tenants are every landlord's nightmare. And if you find yourself in that situation, you are probably already thinking about an eviction. If so, this article is for you. Read on to learn how to handle evictions in Coeur d'Alene.

Idaho's Eviction Laws

If you need to evict a tenant, it's essential to understand the law.

In Coeur d'Alene, eviction rules fall under Idaho state law. This law outlines the conditions around an eviction. For example, you need to give notice and provide a valid reason.

It's always important to familiarize yourself with the latest regulations before you start eviction proceedings. It will help protect you from appeals later.

Preparing the Grounds for an Eviction

If you are thinking about an eviction, you'll need to do some preparation work before you issue a notice to your tenant.

First, you must list the reason for the eviction, including evidence where possible. It might be non-payment of rent, property damage, or a breach of your rental contract.

Proper documentation and notice will protect you later in the process. It also allows the resident to resolve the situation, such as settling rent debts.

Understand the Eviction Process

When you want to evict, you need to do things in the proper order. Here are the steps of an eviction process.

  • Issue a formal notice specifying the eviction reason
  • Provide a timeframe for the tenant to rectify the situation
  • File the eviction lawsuit
  • If the tenant doesn't leave, the landlord can proceed to court
  • If the court rules in favor of the landlord, they will order a sheriff to enforce the eviction

Always keep things documented as you go through this process. Having a paper trail could help you if the issue goes to court.

Know Tenants' Rights

Tenants have rights during an eviction process. Always ensure you have demonstrated fairness with your tenant and respected their rights.

The tenant has a right to reasonable notice, for example. They also have a right to be treated as a failure, meaning discriminatory eviction reasons are prohibited.

Retaliatory evictions are also banned.

Eviction Best Practices

Following best practices during an eviction can help ensure a smooth process.

First, always have your eviction process outlined in the rental agreement. The agreement should outline circumstances where the tenant is in breach and specify that the violation could lead to an eviction.

Second, keep your communication open with the tenant. Talking through your issues will help resolve problems faster than letting them fester. You could also seek a mediator to help you find a resolution.

Evictions in Idaho: Staying Organized for Any Eventuality

Evictions might be a last-minute resort, but preparing for that eventuality is worth the effort. If you have a tenant causing worry and financial problems, you can take legal steps to remove them.

For more help with evictions and other tenant issues in your Idaho property, visit PMI Coeur d'Alene's services page.